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Event Schedules

Friday, May 17th

May 17th InquiriesAndrea Nicholson (andrea@hamber50.ca)



Main Entrance
4:00pm-10:00pmDecade RoomsMain Floor
6:30pmOfficial OpeningCafeteria
7:00pm-10:00pmMeet and GreetCafeteria

Saturday, May 18th

May 18th InquiriesJudi Sommer


Gala Revue


The Honourable Eric Werge Hamber was born April 21, 1879 in Winnipeg and died January 10, 1960 in Vancouver.

We are proud and honoured that our school, which was officially opened on December 5, 1962, is named after this exemplary Canadian. His outstanding leadership and achievement in scholarship, sports and service to his community serve as a worthy model for each student.

Our school colours, maroon and blue, were the competitive racing colours for Eric Hamber's race horses.

Eric Hamber Secondary School's motto in Latin, "Respice, Aspice, Prospice" (pronounced res-pee-kay, as-pee-kay, pros-pee-kay) means: "Look to the past, Look to the present, Look to the future"

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