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Gala Revue

Saturday, May 18th

May 18th InquiriesJudi Sommer


Come to the cafeteria to enjoy tea,coffee and pasteries, watch video clips from our past shows and pictures from our past shows.This is a good time to bring your camera to capture the shots you missed on Friday night and relax in the courtyard.


Doors to auditorium open.


Show in the Auditorium

Message from Judi Sommer

Come join the fun on Saturday, May 18th in the Auditorium from 4:00pm to 5:45pm. No tickets, just donation at the door or online donation to the school fund please.

The title of this event may be a bit misleading as we don't expect our audience to come in formal attire. It will be an informal affair where past (and some present) staff and students from our musical theatre program will reprise some of their old (and new) roles from Broadway shows. Most of us may not be destined for Broadway, but we will bring energy and our love of this musical genre to the stage.Some of the shows featured will be Fiddler on the Roof,You're a Good Man Charlie Brown,Godspell,Annie Get Your Gun,South Pacific,Family Portrait among others.Mark Donnelly (aka The Voice of the Canucks), will be performing the role of Ralph from 'Pinafore" if the team is not playing that night. There will also be guest performances from former drama and music teachers as well as current staff. Keep checking back for details.

Rehersal will be on Saturday, May 18 at 12:30 but you can always find the music on youtube to get started.The Show is at 4 pm.Please contact me by April 18 if you want to do your solo so we can fill in the program with more recent shows.If you only want to be in the chorus (song TBA) this deadline is not so critical.Please do whatever you can to spread the word as well. 
Although you do not need to buy a ticket to the event,the Theatre department welcomes any donation at the door,no matter how modest.For those of you who are continuing your celebrations Saturday evening, the show's timeline should give you enough time to get to your next event. 

I can be contacted at judi@hamber50.ca

The Honourable Eric Werge Hamber was born April 21, 1879 in Winnipeg and died January 10, 1960 in Vancouver.

We are proud and honoured that our school, which was officially opened on December 5, 1962, is named after this exemplary Canadian. His outstanding leadership and achievement in scholarship, sports and service to his community serve as a worthy model for each student.

Our school colours, maroon and blue, were the competitive racing colours for Eric Hamber's race horses.

Eric Hamber Secondary School's motto in Latin, "Respice, Aspice, Prospice" (pronounced res-pee-kay, as-pee-kay, pros-pee-kay) means: "Look to the past, Look to the present, Look to the future"

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